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The Key to Women Empowerment

“Empowerment is a superpower, but only hard work and determination will allow you to absorb it”.

– Jaz Lopez
The Key to Women Empowerment

Nowadays, young women face so many problems that compromise their self-esteem. A lot of this is due to social media. There is an endless string of content about what girls should look like, what they should be eating, who they should be seeing and so on. But a lot of what is published only shows people’s good sides, not the bad. Girls are flooded with this information and then they create this expectation of themselves that is super unrealistic to achieve. This leads to anxiety and for many, taking anti-depressants.

Exercise in general will help to boost your feel good hormones and improve your overall mental health. When people hear fitness they immediately think of the gym. From my experience most people go to the gym to look good. They work on their muscles to build their ideal body shape. And yes, after a gym session you will feel pumped and endorphins are released. But trust me, this pump is nothing compared to the pump of energy vibrating through your body after leaving a Muay Thai class.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Muay Thai is the martial art from Thailand and is the key to women empowerment. It connects you to your body by creating new networks in your brain and builds strength in your muscles, your heart and your mind. It’s a form of mediation; your whole focus is on your technique. You’re breathing, your heart is pumping and your lungs are working. You forget about everything outside your training.

Especially for women to boost their self-body image, Muay Thai is an amazing form of exercise. This is because you can burn so many calories, you tone up your muscles and you build strength. It empowers you because it teaches you discipline. It teaches you that even when you are tired you can still keep going. You can push through the pain and learn to embrace it.

When you are punching and kicking, you feel like a fighter. For women, to be able to unleash this warrior spirit is super empowering. This is going to really improve your self-worth and self respect.

Regular Training Means Better Eating Habits.

Once you fall into a fitness routine and you are training regularly, you start to crave healthy food because you want to fuel your body effectively. When you start eating healthier it improves your mentality because your body looks better and you feel better. This will also help your appetite if you may be struggling with an eating disorder. You will discover that making nutrition a priority, is also the key to women empowerment.

The Buff Myth

Muay Thai will not make you super buff and bulky! Many women are worried about this from seeing some professional fighters look this way. Naturally we do not have the testosterone levels to look this way, only by lifting super heavy weights and/or taking supplements you will grow to this size. Muay Thai is the perfect exercise to build that lean and toned look most girls desire.

Fear of Embarrassment

Initially, you will be bad at the sport. But everyone is. Muay Thai will make you fall in love with the process of learning something new. If you are already at the bottom then the only way is up. This will help you develop a growth mindset where you can focus on improving your weaknesses and build that mental strength.

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